Lexar® Image Rescue® 5 software

Part #L-IR5-DWN

Product Highlights

  • Reliably recovers most photo and select video files from any type or brand of memory card
  • Simple recovery process
  • Automatic updates ensure compatibility with current operating systems
  • Includes card reformatting and secure deletion features
  • Supports multiple languages Works with PC or Mac® systems

Note: To activate full version, download free trial and input purchased license code

Easily and reliably recover files

With Lexar® Image Rescue® 5 software, you can easily and reliably recover most photo and select video files from any type or brand of memory card—providing peace of mind that valuable files are not lost.* Trusted by professional photographers since its introduction, this easy-to-use software boasts a simple recovery process, automatic updates, card formatting, and secure deletion functions. So whether you’re a professional photographer capturing important moments for clients or an enthusiast shooting family snapshots, you’ll know your valuable images can be recovered. Works with PC or Mac® systems.

Enjoy peace of mind that valuable files won’t be lost

Reliably recover lost or deleted files.

Lexar Image Rescue 5 software provides simple, trusted image recovery from any type or brand of memory card.

Save time with a simple recovery process. 

 Image Rescue 5 software is easy to use and provides a simple process for recovering files. With just a few clicks, you can scan and recover most media files, including popular types like JPEG, TIFF, RAW, MP4, AVI formats, and more.

Get more than image recovery.

The software also features automatic updates to ensure compatibility with current operating systems, has the ability to reformat your card and take it back to its factory settings, and allows you to permanently and securely delete all data on your card. What’s more, Image Rescue 5 supports multiple languages, and it works with PC or Mac®systems.

Choose your purchase option.

The software is available for purchase and download at lexar.com, and it also comes included as a free download with the purchase of any Lexar Professional line memory card.

Complete your digital camera solution. 

Whether your focus is still shots or video, Image Rescue 5 software is a great addition to any photographer’s arsenal, and provides peace of mind that valuable files won’t be lost.

When memory matters, the choice is Lexar. 

With a long history in the industry, we know memory. We move quickly with technology to design the solutions you need, and work with device manufacturers to make sure our products are compatible. Then we stand behind them with outstanding warranties and helpful customer service. We’re dedicated to performance, reliability, and expert support, so when it comes to storing the memories that matter, trust Lexar.

*Image or other data recovery is not 100% guaranteed.

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Netzsieger.de mention the reliable recovery of images, the compatibility with Windows and Mac and the ease of use as positive.